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The Aeronautical Broadcast and Communication System (ABCS) is a satellite-based communication architecture to deliver a maximum bandwidth and Internet capacity to aircraft.

Air travelers will be more productive and enjoy home comforts with the high speed Internet while airborne.

NUBRON envisions incremental deployment of ABCS payloads as bandwidth saturation limits 1st generation satellite-to-aircraft Internet capacity.

ABCS links aircraft to earth by translating the spectrum about 17 GHz:

Signals between aircraft and satellite > 17 GHz, and

Signals between satellite and earth < 17 GHz.

ABCS most efficiently avoids rain attenuation for maximum broadband bandwidth efficiency.

ABCS tailors shaped broadband broadcast beams to flight routes for peak performance.

High capacity by many spot beams multiplexes the traffic of all broadband shaped beams.

Incremental payload deployments pay-as-they-grow into one global ABCS network.